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Jonas Rath
Experience has taught me that interest begets expectation and that expectation begets disappointment. So the key to avoiding disappointment is to avoid interest. A equals B equals C equals A or whatever!
Перед вами небольшой кусок текста про 3 вымышленных произведения. Одно из описаний - аллюзия на настоящий роман. Назовите этот роман/аффтара/насколько аллюзия явная.

One of the rebelling factions were the writers, they faced an uphill battle however, not the least due to being hopelessly divided among themselves. The so called Scrappers were the loudest of the factions. They had gotten their name from their novel-writing technique – they’d start (and sometimes even complete) an assload of stories, and then at one point try and combine them into one grand novel.

Being a sucker for a good tale I had attended a couple of their “open-to-the-general-public” non-virtual meetings. I had quite enjoyed the young, yet for some reason hopelessly looking man in a checkered shirt and thick black glasses who had presented “The New Men” – a combined tale of a young run-away and a science-fiction piece about a bunch of kids who lived in a world where the sun burned everyone up, but who were somehow the only ones immune to its influence.

I had also been reasonably, yet not too much, impressed by the obese red haired lady who, after years of hopelessly trying to complete a romance story bunched up a dozen of them or so into the apocalyptic “Speed-Dating in the Age of Vampires.” I had especially appreciated the author’s courage to kill off every single one of her heroes before the third quarter of the story was done and dusted.

On the other hand, I was horrified by a scholarly man who had combined a bunch of stories about people who liked their alcohol just a tiny bit too much and the story of an ancient writer who sailed off to their not-as-advanced land to work on a sсript for a TV show. He aptly titled his masterpiece “Green Faces, Blue Water.”

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